Talent App

Talent App

UI/UX Design

Robots & pencils, a Canada, UK & USA based company, expressed their need for a talent handbook app. This app needed to include employee procedures & policies, and also highlight their core values, which they placed great importance on their day to day work, often giving teammates kudos for the hard work that displayed these values. 

While solving some of R&P’s basic needs, I sought out to first identify a few pain points, like team connectivity. Through my research I discovered that each employee often works with their counterparts across the globe on projects, and access to R&P’s employee database would be vital for each member, as they often travel for client meetings. During the build of this directory I wanted to classify each member under their respective titles and teams. Robots & Pencils are comprised of Robots, the developers, Ampersands, HR, product owners and everything in between, and Pencils, which are the Designers. The database would allow the user to seek out a Pencil or Robot for help and quickly access their information. 

Tying everything together with seamless flow and interaction, keeping within the branding guidelines of Robots & Pencils, this app will satisfy multiple needs for the users. 

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